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From " La Grande Danse Macabre " Marduk
By the count Von Vaillancour

Riff 1  (play very fast)

D |3------7------6------7---6---4---3------7------6------7---10--|
A |3------7------6------7---6---4---3------7------6------7---10--|
E |1------5------4------5---4---2---1------5------4------5---8---|

Riff 2

D |9------12---10---12---7---9------12---10---12---7|
A |9------12---10---12---7---9------12---10---12---7|
E |7------10--- 8---10---5---7------10--- 8---10---5|

There's a solo here so if you know it, e-mail it to me please...

Riff 3

D |9------8---9---12---7---9------8---9---11---12---11---7|
A |9------8---9---12---7---9------8---9---11---12---11---7|
E |7------6---7---10---5---7------6---7--- 9---10--- 9---5|

In order :  Riff 1 x 4
                Riff 2 x 2
                Riff 1 x 4
                Riff 2 x 2
                Riff 3 x 4

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