dream theater - regression:


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Regression chords - Guitar Tab

Author - Marcello Mascia

Dream Theater

Chords by - Marcello Mascia (

  D   D/F# D/G  D/B  D/C#  B   B/A   E   E/G# Asus4 A    G

D                         D/F#
Safe in the light that surrounds me

D/G         D/B          D   D/C#
Free of the fear and the pain

My subconcious mind

Starts spinning through time

   E          E/G#       Asus4   A 
To rejoin the past once again

Nothing seems real

I'm starting to feel

D/F#        D/B       D    D/C#
Lost in the haze of a dream

And as I draw near

The scene becomes clear

     E           E/G#      Asus4   A
Like watching my life on a screen

G              A
Hello Victoria so glad to see you

My friend.