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38 special caught up in you
38 special if id been the one
38 special like no other night
38 special rockin into the night
38 special rockin into the night
3rd strike no light
4 non blondes whats up
40 rounds snatch and run
470 frames a flavour of perfection
470 frames brown death
470 frames come and join the fun
470 frames did i leave the gas taps on
470 frames egg yolk and cheese
470 frames fall to pieces
470 frames ill rip your eyes out and pound your kidneys
470 frames lack of nutrients
470 frames my favourate mule
470 frames my hand is diseased and i cant wank
470 frames my mother might be hitler
470 frames pen 15 land
470 frames rewrite
470 frames someone ate all the muffins
470 frames the carcass that is my heart
470 frames the fettle monster
470 frames the great snail massacre
470 frames the towel man
470 frames third
470 frames whatever happened to mittens
470 frames working title
4for1 never come
4ft fingers killing time
8forty8 dont turn your back
8stops7 my would be saviour
8stops7 satisfied
a nothing
a nothing
a starbucks
a wdycai
a binary choice blackened
a binary choice i cuil
a binary choice minus one bear
a binary choice rendezvouz with the needle
a binary choice take care
a binary choice the quarryman ending theme
a binary choice to murder in thy name
a binary choice when angels decide to die
a boy coloured grey bat wings and broken hearts
a boy coloured grey fury will change the world forever
a bullet away mercutio pt ii variation
a change of pace loose lips sink ships
a dozen furies lost in a fantasy
a fist full of jello spooky kids
a fist full of jello wake
a flock of seagulls i ran so far away
a global threat false patriot
a global threat out in the dark
a global threat religious scam
a global threat were all equal in the end
a large couch yo alcy
a large couch yo better you know
a large couch yo hereford
a large couch yo pickled chicken man
a large couch yo plectagonal pile
a minor expectancy
a minor familiar view
a minor lost through explanation
a perfect circle 3 libras
a perfect circle 3 libras acoustic
a perfect circle a stranger
a perfect circle blue
a perfect circle breña
a perfect circle crimes
a perfect circle gravity
a perfect circle gravity
a perfect circle imagine
a perfect circle judith
a perfect circle lullaby
a perfect circle magdalena
a perfect circle orestes
a perfect circle over
a perfect circle pet
a perfect circle renholdër
a perfect circle rose
a perfect circle sleeping beauty
a perfect circle the hollow
a perfect circle the noose
a perfect circle the nurse who loved me
a perfect circle the outsider
a perfect circle the package
a perfect circle thinking of you
a perfect circle thomas
a perfect circle vanishing
a perfect circle weak and powerless
a perfect circle when the levee breaks
a second chance in your silence
a static lullaby love to hate hate to me
a static lullaby the shooting star that destroyed us all
a static lullaby withered
a wilhelm scream killing it
a wilhelm scream the rip


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