zakk wylde:


Song Type Views
farm fiddlin PTB 672
sold my soul PTB 1121
white christmas PTB 1281
1 million miles away Tab 656
between heaven and hell Tab 389
cry me a river Tab 599
dead as yesterday Tab 580
fadin away Tab 692
fadin away Tab 580
found a friend Tab 667
harvester of pain Tab 454
horse called war Tab 449
i thank you my child Tab 412
losin your mind Tab 618
lovin woman Tab 468
machine gun man Tab 411
road back home Tab 408
shine on Tab 655
sold my soul Tab 449
sweet jesus Tab 457
the chosen one Tab 420
the color green Tab 357
the things you do Tab 413
throwin it all away Tab 434
toen the line Tab 550
too numb to cry Tab 443
torn and tattered Tab 726
troubled wine Tab 508
way beyond empty Tab 385
what youre lookin for Tab 413
farm fiddlin Tab 359
sold my soul Tab 333
white christmas Tab 359


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