Song Type Views
animal fuck like a beast PTB 389
forever free PTB 358
hold on to my heart PTB 454
i wanna be somebody PTB 341
i wanna be somebody PTB 385
on your knees PTB 346
school daze PTB 307
sleeping in the fire PTB 445
take the addiction PTB 314
the big welcome PTB 314
the idol acoustic live PTB 1080
the last command PTB 339
tormentor PTB 630
wild child PTB 462
Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) Gp4 338
Blind In Texas Gp4 424
Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Mourge) Gp4 430
Forever Free Gp3 369
Hellion Gp4 382
Hold On To My Heart Gp4 440
I Wanna Be Somebody Gp3 342
I Wanna Be Somebody Gp4 400
LOVE Machine Gp4 365
Mephisto Waltz Gp3 318
On Your Knees Gp4 338
School Daze Gp4 332
Sleeping (In The Fire) Gp4 581
The Big Welcome Gp4 342
The Idol Gp4 403
The Idol Gp4 418
Wild Child Gp3 381
Wild Child Gp4 342
animal fuck like a beast Tab 257
forever free Tab 276
hold on to my heart Tab 293
i wanna be somebody Tab 302
i wanna be somebody Tab 293
on your knees Tab 278
school daze Tab 280
sleeping in the fire Tab 287
take the addiction Tab 277
the big welcome Tab 296
the idol acoustic live Tab 285
the last command Tab 295
tormentor Tab 301
wild child Tab 289


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