Song Type Views
animal fuck like a beast PTB 360
forever free PTB 329
hold on to my heart PTB 421
i wanna be somebody PTB 311
i wanna be somebody PTB 359
on your knees PTB 318
school daze PTB 281
sleeping in the fire PTB 414
take the addiction PTB 286
the big welcome PTB 283
the idol acoustic live PTB 1052
the last command PTB 312
tormentor PTB 605
wild child PTB 437
Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) Gp4 308
Blind In Texas Gp4 393
Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Mourge) Gp4 399
Forever Free Gp3 335
Hellion Gp4 351
Hold On To My Heart Gp4 415
I Wanna Be Somebody Gp3 315
I Wanna Be Somebody Gp4 370
LOVE Machine Gp4 340
Mephisto Waltz Gp3 289
On Your Knees Gp4 309
School Daze Gp4 302
Sleeping (In The Fire) Gp4 551
The Big Welcome Gp4 315
The Idol Gp4 368
The Idol Gp4 377
Wild Child Gp3 347
Wild Child Gp4 314
animal fuck like a beast Tab 224
forever free Tab 248
hold on to my heart Tab 263
i wanna be somebody Tab 269
i wanna be somebody Tab 264
on your knees Tab 248
school daze Tab 248
sleeping in the fire Tab 256
take the addiction Tab 254
the big welcome Tab 270
the idol acoustic live Tab 261
the last command Tab 262
tormentor Tab 266
wild child Tab 262


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