thin lizzy:


Song Type Views
chinatown PTB 401
cowboy song PTB 572
dancing in the moonlight PTB 522
dont believe a word PTB 423
emerald PTB 355
jailbreak PTB 453
rosalie PTB 420
róisín dubh black rose PTB 683
sarah PTB 376
still in love with you PTB 830
the boys are back in town PTB 1302
waiting for an alibi PTB 437
we will be strong PTB 432
whiskey in the jar PTB 994
wiskey in the jar PTB 601
Chinatown Gp3 377
Cowboy song Gp3 300
Cowboy Song Gp4 277
Cowboy Song Gp4 300
Dancing in the Moonlight Gp3 417
Dont Believe A Word Gp4 359
Emerald Gp4 368
Jailbreak Gp4 390
Rosalie Gp4 800
Sarah Gp3 323
The Boys Are Back In Town Gp3 358
The Boys Are Back In Town Gp3 319
The Boys Are Back In Town Gp3 323
Waiting for an Alibi Gp3 1580
Waiting for an alibi Gp3 290
Whiskey in the Jar Gp3 679
Whiskey In The Jar Gp4 775


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