ted nugent:


Song Type Views
cat scratch fever PTB 355
dog eat dog PTB 308
fred bear acoustic PTB 546
hey baby PTB 364
just what the doctor ordered PTB 420
motorcity madhouse PTB 309
stranglehold PTB 525
wang dang sweet poontang PTB 301
Cat Scratch Fever Gp3 206
Cat Scratch Fever (2) Gp4 165
Dog Eat Dog Gp4 196
All Gp4 524
Stranglehold Gp4 197
Strangle Hold Gp4 198
Wango Tango Gp4 192
Wang Dang Sweet Poontang Gp4 171
cat scratch fever Tab 150
dog eat dog Tab 96
fred bear acoustic Tab 114
hey baby Tab 116
just what the doctor ordered Tab 114
motorcity madhouse Tab 117
stranglehold Tab 94
wang dang sweet poontang Tab 139


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