shadows fall:


Song Type Views
a fire in babylon PTB 264
casting shade PTB 215
destroyer of senses PTB 211
enlightened by the cold PTB 192
first noble truth PTB 232
idle hands PTB 213
inspiration on demand PTB 191
inspiration on demand PTB 195
lead me home PTB 211
prelude to disaster PTB 195
prelude to disaster PTB 206
stepping outside the circle PTB 296
the ghost of past failure PTB 236
the idiot box PTB 188
the idiot box PTB 231
the light that blinds PTB 753
the power of i and i PTB 246
thoughts without words PTB 192
what drives the weak PTB 288
A Fire In Babylon Gp3 241
Casting Shade Gp4 190
Crushing Belial Gp3 205
Destroyer of Senses Gp3 182
Destroyer Of Senses Gp4 163
Destroyer Of Senses Gp4 192
Enlightened By The Cold Gp4 189
Idle Hands Gp4 173
Inspiration On Demand Gp4 185
Lead Me Home Gp4 267
Prelude To Disaster Gp3 183
Risen Gp3 225
The Idiot Box Gp4 178
The Light That Blinds Gp4 648
The Power Of I And I Gp4 197
Those Who Cannot Speak Gp4 309
Thoughts Without Words Gp3 172
Thoughts Without Words Gp4 197
What Drives The Weak Gp4 184
What Drive The Weak Gp4 181
destroyer of senses Tab 178
destroyer of senses 2 Tab 227
idle hands Tab 188
thoughts without words Tab 204
a fire in babylon Tab 245
casting shade Tab 170
destroyer of senses Tab 182
enlightened by the cold Tab 164
first noble truth Tab 214
idle hands Tab 176
inspiration on demand Tab 159
inspiration on demand Tab 169
lead me home Tab 147
prelude to disaster Tab 158
prelude to disaster Tab 176
stepping outside the circle Tab 169
the ghost of past failure Tab 161
the idiot box Tab 195
the idiot box Tab 170
the light that blinds Tab 161
the power of i and i Tab 169
thoughts without words Tab 183
what drives the weak Tab 153


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