paul simon:


Song Type Views
spirit voices PTB 394
you can call me al PTB 628
America Gp3 427
April, Come She Will Gp3 309
At the zoo Gp3 204
Baby Driver Gp3 266
Bookends Gp3 249
Bookends theme Gp3 209
Bridge over troubled water Gp3 282
Bridge Over Troubled Water Gp4 340
From Emily whenever i may find her Gp3 243
Hobo 's Blues Gp3 250
Homeward Bound Gp3 346
Kathy 's song (first version) Gp3 229
Kath 'ys song Gp3 239
Keep the customer satisfied Gp3 225
Kodachrome Gp3 259
Mrs Robinson Gp3 358
Scarborough Fair Gp3 304
Scarborough Fair (2) Gp3 259
Scarborough Fair (3) Gp3 271
Song for the asking Gp3 238
Sounds of Silence Gp3 302
Sounds Of Silence (2) Gp3 252
So long Frank Lloyd Wright Gp3 251
The 59 th street bridge song Gp3 243
The boxer Gp3 325
The only living boy in New York Gp3 251
spirit voices Tab 218
you can call me al Tab 283


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