Song Type Views
acquiesce PTB 341
all around the world PTB 322
all around the world reprise PTB 345
a quick peep PTB 236
better man PTB 232
carry us all PTB 268
cast no shadow PTB 285
champagne supernova PTB 305
champagne supernova PTB 402
champagne supernova live PTB 373
cigarettes and alcohol PTB 299
columbia PTB 227
cum on feel the noise PTB 327
digsys dinner PTB 264
dont go away PTB 348
dont look back in anger PTB 847
dyou know what i mean PTB 258
fade away PTB 273
force of nature PTB 209
fuckin in the bushes PTB 260
gas panic PTB 241
go let it out PTB 250
half the world away PTB 394
hello PTB 296
hey hey my my PTB 267
its a crime PTB 228
its a crime PTB 197
i am the walrus live PTB 242
i can see a liar PTB 212
i will believe live PTB 204
listen up PTB 229
little by little PTB 326
live forever PTB 404
magic pie PTB 220
married with children PTB 246
rock n roll star PTB 316
roll it over PTB 200
roll with it PTB 315
sad song acoustic PTB 270
shes electric PTB 212
slide away PTB 280
some might say PTB 245
some might say PTB 318
stand by me PTB 523
stay young PTB 245
step out PTB 231
stop crying your heart out PTB 376
sunday morning call PTB 217
supersonic PTB 249
supersonic PTB 272
the girl in the dirty shirt PTB 219
the hindu times PTB 237
the importance of being idle PTB 433
the masterplan PTB 285
the swamp song PTB 209
whatever PTB 660
where did it all go wrong PTB 212
who feels love PTB 238
wonderwall PTB 1170
Acquiesce Gp4 217
Acquiesce Gp4 217
All Around the World Gp3 236
A Bell Will Ring Gp4 282
Be Here Now Gp3 225
Bring It On Down Gp4 271
Bring It On Down Gp4 209
Cast no shadow Gp3 243
Champagne Supernova Gp3 197
Champagne Supernova Gp3 193
Champagne Supernova Gp3 192
Champagne Supernova (Live) Gp4 277
Cigarettes & Alcohol Gp3 210
Cigarettes & Alcohol Gp4 201
Columbia Gp3 184
Columbia Gp3 179
Columbia (Live) Gp4 374
Cum On Feel The Noize Gp4 285
D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman Gp4 273
Digsys Dinner Gp3 247
Don't Go Away Gp3 248
Don't Go Away Gp4 247
Don't Look Back In Anger Gp3 385
Don't Look Back In Anger Gp4 403
Don't Look Back In Anger (Live) Gp4 545
Dont Go Away Gp3 196
Dont Look Back In Anger (Live) Gp4 979
Dont look back in anger Gp3 348
Dyou Know What I Mean Gp3 259
Fade Away Gp4 199
Fade In Out Gp3 200
Fuckin' In the Bushes Gp3 212
Fuckin In The Bushes Gp4 218
Gas panic Gp3 206
Go Let It Out Gp3 203
Go Let It Out Gp3 185
Half The World Away Gp3 197
Half The World Away Gp4 221
Hello Gp3 244
Hey Hey My My Gp4 270
Hung In A Bad Place Gp3 195
It's Better People Gp4 208
Its Gettin Better (Man!!) Gp3 185
I Am The Walrus (Beatles Cover) Gp3 235
I Can See A Liar Gp3 207
I Hope, I Think, I Know Gp4 282
I Will Show You Gp3 187
Let There Be Love Gp4 476
Listen Up Gp3 183
Listen Up Gp4 216
Little By Little Gp3 211
Little By Little Gp3 207
Little By Little Gp3 196
Live Forever Gp3 222
Live Forever Gp3 199
Live Forever (Live) Gp4 250
Lyla Gp4 236
Lyla Gp4 224
Magic Pie Gp3 206
Married With Children Gp3 208
Married With Children Gp4 196
Morning Glory Gp3 217
Morning Glory Gp4 223
My Big Mouth Gp3 244
Rockin' Chair Gp3 216
Rockin Chair Gp3 205
RockN' Roll Star Gp4 214
Rock N Roll Star Gp4 190
Rock N Roll Star Gp3 211
Roll It Over Gp3 189
Roll It Over Gp3 189
Roll With It Gp3 224
Sad Song Gp3 199
Sad Song Gp4 225
Shakermaker Gp3 251
Shes Electric Gp3 193
She Is Love Gp4 220
Slide Away Gp3 217
Some Might Say(Live At Jools) Gp4 264
Some Might Say Gp3 235
Songbird Gp4 302
Stand By Me Gp3 330
Stand By Me Gp3 334
Stand By Me (Live) Gp4 532
stop crying your heart out Gp3 195
Stop Crying Your Heart Out Gp3 222
Stop crying your heart out Gp3 222
Strange Thing Gp4 202
Sunday Morning Call(Live for MTV Europe) Gp4 199
Sunday Morning Call Gp3 198
Supersonic Gp3 302
Supersonic (Live) Gp4 254
Take Me Away Gp4 215
Talk Tonight Gp4 259
The Fame Gp4 195
The Girl In The Dirty Shirt Gp3 213
The Hindu Times Gp3 187
The Hindu Times Gp3 194
The Importance Of Being Idle Gp4 343
the Masterplan Gp3 196
The Masterplan Gp4 219
Underneath The Sky Gp4 245
Up in the sky Gp3 206
Whatever Gp3 354
Whatever (Intro First Verse) Gp3 607
where did it all go wrong Gp3 215
Who Feels Love Gp3 173
Who Feels Love Gp3 194
Wonderwall Gp3 338
Wonderwall Gp4 297
Wonderwall Gp3 251
Wonderwall Gp3 223
Wonderwall Gp3 200
Wonderwall Gp4 286
Wonderwall (Live) Gp3 893
acquiesce Tab 171
all around the world Tab 157
all around the world reprise Tab 158
a quick peep Tab 171
better man Tab 163
carry us all Tab 183
cast no shadow Tab 162
champagne supernova Tab 204
champagne supernova Tab 172
champagne supernova live Tab 227
cigarettes and alcohol Tab 138
columbia Tab 209
cum on feel the noise Tab 175
digsys dinner Tab 184
dont go away Tab 176
dont look back in anger Tab 163
dyou know what i mean Tab 218
fade away Tab 185
force of nature Tab 185
fuckin in the bushes Tab 180
gas panic Tab 195
go let it out Tab 215
half the world away Tab 148
hello Tab 183
hey hey my my Tab 189
its a crime Tab 177
its a crime Tab 171
i am the walrus live Tab 172
i can see a liar Tab 171
i will believe live Tab 151
listen up Tab 154
little by little Tab 182
live forever Tab 174
magic pie Tab 163
married with children Tab 155
rock n roll star Tab 170
roll it over Tab 150
roll with it Tab 202
sad song acoustic Tab 186
shes electric Tab 201
slide away Tab 152
some might say Tab 202
some might say Tab 202
stand by me Tab 145
stay young Tab 146
step out Tab 205
stop crying your heart out Tab 179
sunday morning call Tab 163
supersonic Tab 186
supersonic Tab 176
the girl in the dirty shirt Tab 180
the hindu times Tab 170
the importance of being idle Tab 174
the masterplan Tab 144
the swamp song Tab 166
whatever Tab 164
where did it all go wrong Tab 159
who feels love Tab 171
wonderwall Tab 178


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