Song Type Views
197666 PTB 149
dawn of the dead PTB 141
dead in hollywood PTB 150
dead in hollywood PTB 146
die my bride PTB 147
dressed to depress PTB 130
i love to say fuck PTB 183
i take drugs PTB 132
lets fuck PTB 162
love at first fright PTB 132
love at first fright PTB 118
people hate me PTB 233
she was a teenage zombie PTB 133
slit my wrist PTB 140
twist my sister PTB 122
welcome to the strange PTB 152
white wedding PTB 139
197666 Gp3 132
197666 Gp4 136
Dawn of the dead Gp3 144
Dawn of The Dead Gp4 116
Dead in Hollywood Gp3 133
dead in hollywood Gp3 138
Dead In Hollywood 3 Gp3 120
Dead In Hollywood 4 Gp3 139
Die My Bride Gp3 126
Die My Bride Gp3 107
Die My Bride Gp3 106
Dressed To Depress Gp3 107
Dressed To Depress Gp3 105
Dressed To Depress Gp4 134
Grave Robbing USA Gp3 159
I Love To Say Fuck Gp4 132
I Take Drugs Gp4 136
Kill Miss America Gp4 197
Love At First Fright Gp4 132
Love At The First Fright Gp3 121
Motherfu er I Dont Care Gp3 116
Motherf cker I Don't Care Gp4 93
Mr Motherfucker Gp4 121
White Wedding Gp4 151
She Was A Teenage Zombie Gp3 107
She Was A Teenage Zombie Gp4 127
Slit My Wrist Gp3 116
Slit my wrist Gp3 111
Twist My Sister Gp3 117
Twist My Sister Gp4 107
197666 Tab 122
dawn of the dead Tab 123
dead in hollywood Tab 137
dead in hollywood Tab 124
die my bride Tab 128
dressed to depress Tab 144
i love to say fuck Tab 117
i take drugs Tab 111
lets fuck Tab 116
love at first fright Tab 131
love at first fright Tab 126
people hate me Tab 147
she was a teenage zombie Tab 111
slit my wrist Tab 118
twist my sister Tab 109
welcome to the strange Tab 123
white wedding Tab 127


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