michael schenker group:


Song Type Views
armed and ready PTB 2234
into the arena PTB 2660
Anytime Gp4 500
Bad Boys Gp4 194
Broken Promises Gp4 161
Captain Nemo Gp4 1616
Cry For The Nations Gp3 232
Desert Song Gp4 238
Doctor Doctor Gp4 760
Gimme Your Love Gp4 263
Into The Arena Gp3 463
Lost Horizons Gp4 211
Nightmare (Unplugged) Gp3 209
On And On Gp3 282
Searching For A Reason Gp3 129
Tales Of Mystery Gp3 194
We Believe In Love Gp4 163
armed and ready Tab 117
into the arena Tab 197


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