michael schenker group:


Song Type Views
armed and ready PTB 2371
into the arena PTB 2729
Anytime Gp4 537
Bad Boys Gp4 230
Broken Promises Gp4 208
Captain Nemo Gp4 1709
Cry For The Nations Gp3 265
Desert Song Gp4 275
Doctor Doctor Gp4 804
Gimme Your Love Gp4 306
Into The Arena Gp3 524
Lost Horizons Gp4 249
Nightmare (Unplugged) Gp3 245
On And On Gp3 315
Searching For A Reason Gp3 162
Tales Of Mystery Gp3 234
We Believe In Love Gp4 197
armed and ready Tab 166
into the arena Tab 243


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