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Song Type Views
and embers rise PTB 403
a bid farewell PTB 517
fixation on the darkness PTB 474
hope is PTB 462
in the unblind PTB 415
life to lifeless PTB 433
my last serenade PTB 483
my last serenade PTB 533
rose of sharyn PTB 514
rose of sharyn PTB 582
self revolution PTB 466
take this oath PTB 395
take this oath PTB 403
take this oath PTB 367
the element of one PTB 520
the end of heartache PTB 456
the end of heartache PTB 486
the end of heartache PTB 472
to the sons of man PTB 451
vide infra PTB 437
when darkness falls PTB 453
without a name PTB 455
And Embers Rise Gp4 386
And Embers Rise Gp4 373
Bid Farewell Gp4 396
Breathe Life Gp4 473
Breath Life Gp4 428
End Of Heartache Gp4 435
End Of Heartache Gp4 419
Fixation On The Darkness Gp4 438
Hope Is Gp4 430
In The Unblind Gp4 399
Just Barely Breathing Gp4 387
Life To Lifeless Gp4 449
My Last Serenade Gp3 381
My Last Serenade Gp4 402
My Last Serenade Gp4 403
Numbered Days Gp4 400
Rise Inside Gp4 367
Rose Of Sharyn Gp4 435
Rose Of Sharyn Gp4 391
Self Revolution Gp4 421
Take This Oath Gp4 354
The Element of One Gp3 408
The Element Of One Gp4 428
The Element Of One Gp4 430
The End Of Heartache Gp4 481
The End Of Heartache Gp3 420
The End Of Heartache Gp4 423
To The Sons Of Man Gp4 447
Vida Infra Gp4 391
When Darkness Falls Gp4 454
Without A Name Gp4 355
World Ablaze Gp4 361
and embers rise Tab 295
a bid farewell Tab 247
fixation on the darkness Tab 284
hope is Tab 283
in the unblind Tab 301
life to lifeless Tab 286
my last serenade Tab 309
my last serenade Tab 308
rose of sharyn Tab 299
rose of sharyn Tab 303
self revolution Tab 293
take this oath Tab 278
take this oath Tab 288
take this oath Tab 276
the element of one Tab 280
the end of heartache Tab 294
the end of heartache Tab 276
the end of heartache Tab 289
to the sons of man Tab 273
vide infra Tab 302
when darkness falls Tab 278
without a name Tab 292


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