johnny a:


Song Type Views
hip bone PTB 619
in the wind PTB 266
i had to laugh PTB 276
krea gata PTB 298
oh yeah PTB 743
oh yeah PTB 987
poor side of town PTB 424
sing singin PTB 271
sometime tuesday morning PTB 263
sometime tuesday morning PTB 260
the wind cries mary PTB 409
two wheel horse PTB 414
walk dont run PTB 318
wichita lineman PTB 921
hip bone Tab 243
in the wind Tab 213
i had to laugh Tab 217
krea gata Tab 202
oh yeah Tab 318
oh yeah Tab 280
poor side of town Tab 216
sing singin Tab 214
sometime tuesday morning Tab 207
sometime tuesday morning Tab 239
the wind cries mary Tab 232
two wheel horse Tab 252
walk dont run Tab 217
wichita lineman Tab 299


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