johnny a:


Song Type Views
hip bone PTB 693
in the wind PTB 329
i had to laugh PTB 355
krea gata PTB 370
oh yeah PTB 808
oh yeah PTB 1063
poor side of town PTB 493
sing singin PTB 342
sometime tuesday morning PTB 334
sometime tuesday morning PTB 332
the wind cries mary PTB 478
two wheel horse PTB 488
walk dont run PTB 395
wichita lineman PTB 998
hip bone Tab 325
in the wind Tab 284
i had to laugh Tab 281
krea gata Tab 285
oh yeah Tab 387
oh yeah Tab 355
poor side of town Tab 280
sing singin Tab 285
sometime tuesday morning Tab 272
sometime tuesday morning Tab 305
the wind cries mary Tab 301
two wheel horse Tab 324
walk dont run Tab 291
wichita lineman Tab 373


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