jethro tull:


Song Type Views
aqualung PTB 780
bourée PTB 1322
bungle in the jungle PTB 403
crosseyed mary PTB 421
glory row acoustic version PTB 321
living in the past PTB 397
locomotive breath PTB 916
mother goose PTB 463
nursie PTB 354
skating away on the thin ice of a new day PTB 777
thick as a brick fingerstyle PTB 1435
velvet green PTB 584
we used to know PTB 435
wondring aloud PTB 995
Acres Wild Gp4 435
Aqualung Gp3 347
Aqualung Gp3 280
A New Day Yesterday Gp4 361
A Song For Jeffery Gp4 274
Bungle In The Jungle Gp4 380
Cheap Day Return Gp3 255
Cheap Day Return Gp4 264
Christmas Song Gp4 449
Eyed Mary Gp4 380
Elegy Gp3 327
Elegy Gp3 266
Elegy Gp4 230
Farm On The Freeway Gp4 297
Far Alaska Gp4 281
For A Thousand Mothers Gp4 386
Living in the past Gp3 283
Locomotive Breath Gp4 381
Locomotive Breath Gp4 384
Minstrel In The Gallery Gp3 470
Mother Goose Gp4 358
Nothing To Say Gp4 304
Only Solitaire Gp4 257
Requiem Gp4 321
solo Gp3 208
The Chequered Flag Gp4 400
The Third Hoorah Gp4 260
Thick As a Brick Gp3 409
Thick As A Brick Gp4 436
Too Old To RockN' Roll, Too Young To Die Gp4 355
To Cry You A Song Gp4 365
We Used To Know Gp4 348
Wondering Aloud Gp4 372
aqualung Tab 261
bourée Tab 340
bungle in the jungle Tab 225
crosseyed mary Tab 248
glory row acoustic version Tab 233
living in the past Tab 201
locomotive breath Tab 259
mother goose Tab 264
nursie Tab 188
skating away on the thin ice of a new day Tab 234
thick as a brick fingerstyle Tab 231
velvet green Tab 260
we used to know Tab 225
wondring aloud Tab 259


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