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Song Type Views
gardens of the sinner live PTB 573
welcome PTB 329
(We Won't) Stop The War Gp4 360
Abyss Of The Void Gp4 432
All Of The Damned Gp4 465
Anywhere In The Galaxy (Live) Gp3 399
Armageddon Gp4 321
Armageddon Gp4 308
Beyond The Blackhole (Live) Gp3 312
Beyond The Black Hole Gp3 303
Beyond The Black Hole Gp3 264
Changes Gp4 406
Condemned To Hell Gp4 785
Cosmic Chaos Gp4 292
Countdown Gp4 298
Dethrone Tyranny Gp3 401
Dethrone Tyranny (Live) Gp3 297
Eagle Gp4 347
Eagle Gp4 239
Fairytale Gp3 355
Fight Gp4 370
Future Madhouse Gp3 296
Gardens Of The Sinner Gp4 396
Gardens Of The Sinner (Live) Gp3 430
Gardens Of The Sinner (Live) Gp3 549
Gods Of Deliverance Gp4 350
Guardians Of Mankind (Live) Gp3 273
Heading for tomorrow Gp3 284
Heading For Tomorrow Gp4 321
Heal Me Gp3 393
Heaven Can Wait Gp3 365
Heaven Can Wait Gp3 259
Heaven Can Wait (Live) Gp3 303
Heaven Or Hell Gp3 429
Heavy Metal Universe (live) Gp4 419
Hell Is Thy Home Gp4 394
How Long Gp4 372
Induction Gp3 303
Induction Gp3 227
Lake Of Tears Gp4 421
Lake Of Tears Gp4 449
Land Of The Free Gp3 370
Last Before The Storm (live) Gp3 558
Lust For Life (Live) Gp3 302
Man On A Mission Gp3 314
My Temple Gp4 481
New World Order Gp4 394
No Return (Lust For Live) Gp4 383
One With The World Gp4 350
One With The World Gp4 274
Razorblade Sigh Gp3 514
Razorblade Sigh Gp4 306
Rebellion in A Dreamland (Live) Gp3 405
Rebellion In Dreamland Gp3 337
Rebellion in Dreamland Gp3 364
Rebellion In Dreamland Gp4 251
Rich And Famous Gp3 520
Rising Star Shine On Gp4 348
Salvation's Calling Gp4 309
Send Me A Sign Gp4 308
Send Me A Sign Gp4 226
Send Me A Sign (Live) Gp3 325
Solid Gp4 307
Somewhere Out In Space Gp3 302
Somewhere Out In Space Gp4 294
Space Eater Gp4 332
Space Eater Gp4 237
Strangers In The Night Gp4 367
Strangers In The Night (Live) Gp3 319
The Heart Of The Unicorn (Live) Gp3 401
The Saviour Gp3 290
The Silence (live) Gp3 298
The Winged Horse Gp4 279
Time To Break Free Gp4 329
Tribute To The Past Gp4 343
Tribute to The Past (Live) Gp3 347
Valley Of The Kings Gp3 291
Valley Of The Kings Gp3 263
Watcher In The Sky Gp4 306
Welcome Gp3 264
Wings Of Destiny Gp4 394
abyss of the void Tab 381
afterlife Tab 323
all of the damned Tab 387
a while in dreamland Tab 281
beyond the black hole Tab 304
changes Tab 439
fairytale Tab 302
gardens of the sinner Tab 289
heading for tomorrow Tab 369
heaven cant wait Tab 274
land of the free Tab 308
man on a mission Tab 327
metal universe Tab 388
one with the world Tab 325
rebellion in dreamland Tab 375
rebellion in dreamland Tab 480
rising of the damned Tab 323
send me a sign Tab 338
short as hell Tab 317
spaceeater Tab 293
the saviour Tab 298
tribute to the past Tab 327
tribute to the past Tab 326
valley of the kings Tab 281
gardens of the sinner live Tab 265
welcome Tab 271


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