Song Type Views
bonded by blood PTB 402
impaler PTB 292
karmas messenger PTB 316
no love PTB 370
raze PTB 389
scar spangled banner PTB 368
shovel headed kill machine PTB 311
shroud of urine PTB 307
tempo of the damned PTB 278
the toxic waltz PTB 335
war is my shepherd PTB 325
And Then There Were None Gp4 289
And Then There Were None Gp3 220
A Lesson In Violence Gp3 307
Bonded By Blood Gp3 265
Bonded By Blood Gp3 203
Bonded By Blood Gp3 191
Bonded By Blood Gp4 1583
Deliver Us To Evil Gp3 373
Impaler Gp4 254
Karma's Messenger Gp4 266
Like Father, Like Son Gp4 272
Metal Command Gp4 327
Metal Command Gp3 245
No Love Gp3 480
Pirahna Gp3 351
Piranha Gp4 407
Scar Spangled Banner Gp4 288
Shroud Of Urine Gp4 301
Shroud Of Urine Gp4 231
Toxic Waltz Gp3 409
War Is My Shepard Gp4 369
bonded by blood Tab 237
bonded by blood Tab 251
brain dead Tab 265
corruption Tab 305
deranged Tab 262
fabulous disaster Tab 278
faster than youll ever be Tab 273
good day to die Tab 347
impact is imminent Tab 262
last act of defiance Tab 257
parasite Tab 236
pirahna Tab 229
pleasures of the flesh Tab 276
seeds of hate Tab 283
strike of the beast Tab 271
the last act of defiance Tab 318
till death do us part Tab 269
toxic waltz Tab 253
toxic waltz solo Tab 278
bonded by blood Tab 244
impaler Tab 309
karmas messenger Tab 264
no love Tab 298
raze Tab 237
scar spangled banner Tab 302
shovel headed kill machine Tab 256
shroud of urine Tab 293
tempo of the damned Tab 215
the toxic waltz Tab 225
war is my shepherd Tab 223


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