Song Type Views
a touch of blessing PTB 24599
blinded PTB 299
damnation PTB 242
end of your days PTB 303
faith restored PTB 223
mark of the triangle PTB 251
nosferatu PTB 233
she speaks to the dead PTB 260
the great deciever PTB 255
the masterplan PTB 258
As Light is our Darkness Beyond Salvation Gp3 280
A Scattered Me Gp3 302
A Touch Of Blessing Gp4 520
Blinded Gp4 343
Damnation Gp3 215
Dark Waters Gp3 222
December 26th Gp3 253
Faith Restored Gp4 246
Fragments Gp3 214
Madness Caught Another Victim Gp3 301
Mark of the Triangle Gp3 234
Misled Gp3 264
More Than Ever Gp3 260
Nosferatu Gp3 223
Solitude Within (live) Gp3 211
The Corey Curse Gp3 217
The Encounter Gp3 227
The Great Deceiver Gp4 270
The Masterplan Gp3 224
The Solitude Within Gp3 235
To Hope is to Fear Gp3 233
Trilogy Of The Damned Gp3 253
Trust and Betrayal Gp3 222
Watching The Skies Gp4 226
When Darkness Falls Gp3 229
When the River Calls Gp3 223
Your Darkest Hour Gp3 247
a touch of blessing Tab 216
blinded Tab 201
damnation Tab 198
end of your days Tab 214
faith restored Tab 209
mark of the triangle Tab 237
nosferatu Tab 204
she speaks to the dead Tab 240
the great deciever Tab 225
the masterplan Tab 230


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