Song Type Views
dawn over a new world PTB 449
fury of the storm PTB 727
heart of a dragon PTB 557
valley of the damned PTB 532
Above The Winter Moonlight Gp4 369
Black Fire Gp3 269
Black Winter Night Gp3 286
Black Winter Night (Demo) Gp3 257
Cry Of The Brave Gp3 323
Dawn Over A New World Gp3 312
Desciples Of Babylon (demo) Gp3 280
Evening Star Gp3 270
Fields Of Despair Gp4 331
Fury Of The Storm Gp4 551
Heart Of A Dragon Gp3 234
Heart Of A Dragon Gp4 239
My Spirit Will Go On Gp3 298
Once In A Lifetime Gp4 431
Prepare For War Gp4 336
Revelations (demo) Gp3 273
Snow Land Gp4 268
Soldiers Of The Wasteland Gp4 4435
Starfire (Demo) Gp3 315
Valley of the Damned Gp3 301
Valley Of The Damned (Demo) Gp3 291
dawn over a new world Tab 305
fury of the storm Tab 367
heart of a dragon Tab 256
valley of the damned Tab 293


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