Song Type Views
born for burning PTB 422
lake of fire PTB 437
13 Candles Gp3 393
A Fine Day To Die Gp4 409
Blood, Fire, Death Gp4 467
Blood And Iron Gp4 505
Born For Burning Gp4 421
Burnin' Leather Gp4 384
Call From The Grave Gp4 414
Destroyer Of Worlds Gp4 408
Equimanthorn Gp3 412
Flash Of The Silverhammer Gp4 387
Foreverdark Woods Gp3 479
Great Hall Awaits A Fallen Brother Gp4 358
Home of Once Brave Gp4 477
Lake Of Fire Gp4 374
Massacre Gp4 435
Necromansy Gp4 389
Nordland Gp3 358
Nordland Gp4 357
One Eyed Old Man Gp3 398
One Rode To Asa Bay Gp3 496
Pax Vobiscum Gp3 395
Raise The Dead Gp4 437
Sacrifice Gp3 463
Shores In Flames Gp4 455
Shores In Flames Gp4 332
The Messenger Gp4 415
The Woodwoman Gp4 483
13 candles Tab 402
a fine day to die Tab 370
baptised in fire and ice Tab 389
blood and iron acoustic intro Tab 399
call from the grave Tab 386
chariots of fire Tab 408
die in fire Tab 488
one eyed old man Tab 411
one rode to asa bay Tab 445
sadist tormentor Tab 618
shores in flames Tab 418
the ravens Tab 449
the stallion Tab 411
under the runes Tab 481
born for burning Tab 374
lake of fire Tab 387


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